Goals and plans be damned; I’ma be what I’ma be: faster, stronger, smarter, better!

So I had to take a lot of development time and give this one some good thought. I knew what I wanted to say from the start but I didn’t want it to come off sounding quite as blown up as the title. The truth is there is always a time and a place for a plan, and I have a lot of respect for those who can execute them well. I have no doubt that parts of my own life are even at least subconsciously planned out. Still, I recognized after many years of agonizingly detailed plans, objectives, goals, road maps… that those sorts of things just weren’t going to work for me, and so here I am to once again do what I seem to do best: defy the most basic of logics.

Now I understand the reality here and so I want to first emphasize what I think is probably my rule #1: No two people are exactly alike. So don’t just take my word for it, or anyone else’s.  I will stress that over and over in life, and yet I cannot stress it enough. I am stressing it here because it is important that you understand this is not a self help or fitness guru sort of blog. This is simply my method; what works for ME.

 That said, let’s get down to it. So, why damn the plan? Well, for me this was all about instinct, and finally learning to listen to mine. Note that I did not say heart. I consider instinct to be something much different, but that’s another blog for another time- perhaps even another site.

 Anyways, I have ALWAYS wanted to get my life sorted, and have “all my ducks in a row”. I have bought into every get rich, get fit, and find peace SCHEME there is. Ok, maybe scheme’s a bit of a harsh word. After all, lots of these so-called “schemes” came from legitimately successful businessmen who had proven them themselves. So why not me? Was it because I was undisciplined? Disorganized? Lazy? Lacking commitment? Yes, yes, yes, yes, and so much more, but most of all, NO. 

 Oh, I was certainly all of these things, and I suppose I wasn’t ready yet either- also another blog for another time at another site- but when I did finally have that “awakening moment”, it also came with the realization that these faults were not the root problem. Nope, bottom line was this: I was not cut from the same cloth. Heck, I wasn’t cut from the same anything! I get patterns.  That works for me, but plans, rythms, beats, and everything else that means the same thing does not make sense. 

 So for years I had it drilled into my head that it was my faults that held me back, and I listened, until I had lost all confidence in myself. Here’s the best part: bottom of the barrel wasn’t enough. I kept digging. We won’t get into any of that though. Fact is I was wrong; they were wrong. Plans and goals and all that is great, and maybe it will one day play a big role in my life, but I had to discover that following my natural path meant putting one foot in front of the other. 

 When I accepted that plans weren’t working, the rest just fell into place. I committed to being a better me every day. I chose what I love and tossed the rest to the side- for now. I stopped trying to get more detailed and started chasing one thing: better. Today I was better than yesterday and tomorrow I’ll be better than today. My goal for next year is to be faster, stronger, smarter, and better, and in order to achieve that my objective for next month is to be faster, stronger, smarter, and better. I may not have perfected my Kong vault by fall, but I’ll be faster. I may not be able to do a proper handstand this year, but I’ll be stronger. I may not be a world famous fitness guru by 2020, but I’ll be smarter. I may not fulfill all my lifelong dreams, but I’ll be better. I may not be the next Bruce Lee, Tony Robbins, or DareDevil, and it doesn’t matter, because I’ma be me.

 Sorry guys, but I gotta end this here. Abruptly. Because it just feels right, and struggling to make you understand doesn’t.  😆


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