How To Start Training Parkour!!!

Parkour is easy! Sort of… The hardest part is starting, and if you haven’t taken the time to read my first article on how to have a proper mindset then I recommend you  read that first before reading through this! Why? Because not having a proper mindset while doing parkour can lead to no progression. So read Proper Mindset, then come back!

Now that you’ve read that, you have an understanding on how to approach the idea of setting goals. Without goals, you will not progress. The thing is that I cannot make goals for you, so that does mean that you have to make them on your own. If you’re a beginner, your goals should be set in stone and as follows:

  • Learn to jump! If you do not know how to jump, land, or any of that you should start there! There are thousands of tutorials on how to jump, so unless I’m begged and pleaded to make one I will kindly ask you to go to YouTube and watch some.
  • Learn your vaults! If you cannot kong, dash, speed, safety, reverse, lazy, or any of that then get to it! Jumping and vaulting is the basis to all of the movement that we do. Freerunners even like to mix vaults and flips together to make something funky. So having your vaults is stupid important!
  • Learn some basic acro and get the hang of “flow”. When I mean basic acro, I mean the parkour roll, cartwheel, palm spin, and simple things like that! Those things lead to smooth and proper transitions that look nice!

For a beginner, that’s ideally where you need to start. Granted, I could go further in depth, but that’s where your passion and interest rise yes? If you’re not on YouTube watching tutorials or jumping around and training, then you’re resting because you’re sore. No one gets better by not researching their craft and training as hard as they can!

Once you’ve MASTERED these things, you’re more than welcome to incorporate flips and other things! Not saying you can’t learn flips while learning the basics, it’s just easier to get the basics down. The basics will help with learning flips I guarantee it! Finding variations and learning those will help exponentially as well.

The hardest part is finding a parkour community in your area. I live in Texas currently, and I started parkour in the late 2000s. That means there was no way in hell I was going to be able to find a community near me with how new parkour was. With enough digging I was able to find classes, a large community, and a team centralized in the area. Looking through Facebook groups, going to events (even if they aren’t close), and traveling will help you find more people to train with!

Now to bust some misconceptions on starting parkour:

  • You don’t have to be strong to start. Parkour is based off natural body movement. Training will strengthen those muscles naturally, so it’s all about practice and dedication.
  • YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD TO START! I see adults talk about wanting to do parkour, but never take the time to go out and train! Their excuse being that they’re “too old”. I know 50 year olds personally who train harder than I do! NO EXCUSES!
  • Parkour is not a male sport… Luci Romberg, Sydney Olsen, Lynn Jung, Katie McDonald (if I’m spelling that right), Cordelia Storm, and the list goes on! There are girls who do parkour! If you’re a girl, and you think parkour is cool and you want to try it, just go out and train!

Just remember that you have to set goals all the time. Progressing is not easy, and I know that personally. The sooner you go out there and start training with friends, setting goals, and making progression happen, then that’s the sooner you can get better and train harder!

Don’t forget to have fun when training, and move with love. My social media will be down below as always, and be sure to comment or email me if you have any questions!

Thank you guys for reading! Stay positive, and move with love!


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4 thoughts on “How To Start Training Parkour!!!

  1. Great article for motivation.

    I just turned 44 March 4th and started parkour workouts in October 2016. I had been watching my 7 year old daughter’s gymnastics classes for the past couple of years and often commmented “I wish I started that when I was younger.”
    I came across youtube videos of parkour and my jaw dropped. I found Tapp Brothers tutorials and started doing exercises in the video Top 5 AB Exercises For Parkour – Core Training Calisthenics.
    I quit the gym I had been lifting weights at for years (I always got bigger and stronger but still had a bit of a belly) and joined Parkour Academy at I have been getting better workouts than I have in years past. I recently purchased a book called Parkour Strength Training: Overcome Obstacles for Fun and Fitness by Ryan Ford and Ben Musholt and have been reading that. I am pumped every day. No turing back now.


    1. Glad to hear! I talk to the Tapps on a regular basis, so I give my input on the academy sometimes. I’m glad you’re still going! Keep it up! Move with love!


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