Proper Mindset

For my first article/blog post, I’d like to touch on a key concept, strategy, however you would like to view this, and share my experience along with ways to help yourself to obtain a proper mindset. DISCLAIMER: do take everything I (and what everyone else) say with grain of salt. Some of these things might or might not help you, and that is okay. But what I am about to show and talk about is something I’ve made so everyone with an open mind can use it.

As a kid, training was hard for me. I was a level 6 gymnast and the training got tougher and I began to get depressed as I wasn’t progressing at the speed I was wanting to progress at. Keep in mind, I was still in elementary school. My mindset was all over the place. I was afraid to progress, and because of that I was unable to. Later, I quit gymnastics, as it wasn’t doing me anything favors and I felt no fulfillment on my end. I then switched over to Krav Maga and studied several other martial art. Soon after, as you may know now, I found parkour.

This is where things got tricky. I trained differently but because of the place I was in at life, I wanted to be stronger and better. With months of research, training, and so on I found what made me want to train harder and progress more. My mindset. With this new self-discovery I decided to apply it with my training. From there, I progressed faster than I could ever imagine, and I was a thousand times happier.

I broke everything down into steps to make it easier to apply in your everyday life, as I don’t use this for my training, but to get me through the day sometimes. Let’s start with some simple questions to ask yourself, and do not lie to yourself by any means. Say the first thing that pops into your head. Let’s begin:

  1. How’s your day today? (Yes, that’s a serious one)
  2. How’s your body feeling?
  3. What got you out of bed today?
  4. Will you let that inspire your training?
  5. What do you feel like training today?
  6. What’s your short term goal?
  7. What’s your long term goal?
  8. Will those things drive you to be better than you are now?
  9. What are you passionate about most?
  10. What is you primary source of inspiration?

My list goes on and on, and I tend to start my day my day like everyday whether I like it or not. Those tend to be the main questions I tend to ask myself though. Starting your day off this way will certainly lead you to whatever direction you’d like to go in. This tool is to basically either remind yourself what it is you really want, or it’s to help readjust your plans based on your new goals.

The next step is simple, applying your answers and get some wok done! Every dream can be turned into a reality if you try hard enough. But now let’s debunk some misconceptions, and unhealthy mindsets:

  • You do not need a rival! Does it help? Absolutely, but it’s unhealthy. Imagine you and your rival are at par, and in a matter of days he surpasses you. Most will get mad or put themselves down. GO BACK TO THE QUESTIONS! Find yourself again, and realize you can only truly progress at your own terms, not competitively.
  • You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do! I’ve been coaching several years. From martial arts, to parkour, to even cheer/tumbling/gymnastics! WITHOUT any certifications. Why have so many people let me do this without being certified? Because I knew that the certifications that are out there don’t pertain to my style of coaching. I’ve designed several different kinds of programs for several different people, and I’ve seen nothing but happy faces and good turnouts. If you believe in yourself enough, you won’t let a few pieces of paper define you.
  • Your goals are reachable!!!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told that I would never amount to my dreams and that I should think more realistically. Those people see me now and get mad because I proved them wrong. It took me several years, but I’m now the professional parkour athlete everyone said it’d be impossible for me to be.

The next step is fairly simple, train and stay positive. I’m know it’s hard to train with negativity around you. Trust me, I know. GO BACK TO THE QUESTIONS and remind yourself what you really want, and keep a positive environment while doing so. Laugh, smile, joke around, and keep a clear head space. Life is too short, so make the most of it.

I will be the last person to say this is easy, as I still struggle with this daily. Nothing ever stops me from making sure that my goals will be completed. Having friends, family, girlfriend/boyfriend, or anything like that truly helps. But don’t rely on only them, you have to be able to do this for yourself. That’s the key to having a healthy mindset, knowing you can do this all on your own.


Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope this helped! Do leave a comment, email me (all of that will be below), and find me on social media! Leave a suggestion, question, or anything else that you found may help! My next few posts will definitely be parkour related, so stay tuned for that!!!


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2 thoughts on “Proper Mindset

  1. After years and years of martial arts, I was exposed to tricking and parkour through the Hyper Pro system. I realized that this new stuff was a great way to introduce martial arts to people!

    I’ve had limited gymnastics exposure, but with some private lessons, I’ve gradually learned to do some basic flips and handsprings. I like your idea of making the list of short term goals, long term goals, and grinding away at them. That is what I had to do! I had my school, spare time, and some good music. I’d fall over and over again, but I learn!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much for the content! Be sure to either leave a suggestion on what I should write next, and stay tuned for more articles/posts to come!(:

      Liked by 1 person

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